Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make Concrete Blocks For Profits - A Business With A Great Foundation

Making concrete blocks is a profitable business. They are in constant demand almost everywhere. They are a commodity which is used for building all over North America and nearly everywhere in the world. When you manufacture concrete blocks you are not making widgets which may be in demand today but not next year. They are a fundamental component for all kinds of building from a huge warehouse to a garage or barbecue in the backyard. As long as people are building small or large projects the demand will never die.

For anyone who wants to get into a really solid business,with low start up costs,the concrete block making business is almost ideal. It is quite possible to start in your garage or back yard,using home made molds,to turn out one hundred or more blocks per day. If you don't mind a good days work one person can do this. You make the molds yourself from plywood and sheet metal and any handyman can do this in a home workshop. You can start part time,working evenings or weekends,and soon build a very profitable business. You need only a supply of cement,gravel,sand,water and your molds.The cost is low and the profit potential is high.

Working from home your overhead cost is low whilst larger makers have to pay for business premises and staff. If local builders have to buy from distant sources,the cost of transportation to bring concrete blocks to a building site is high,since they are very heavy. You have no transportation costs and can supply local buyers at a very good price. You can make yourself a handsome profit. Of course with one person working alone,using hand molds, your production is limited by the time and effort involved.

You will reach the point where you can no longer fill the demand with part time work. You will be ready to go full time in this very lucrative business. You may also want to acquire a concrete block making machine,which can turn out hundreds of blocks in a day. You may need help at this point and you must have enough space to store the blocks for drying. The blocks must be dried well for delivery to your buyers. Concrete block making machines are expensive. You may feel confident enough at this point to borrow several thousand dollars to buy your machine. However if you don't want to invest all that money there is another way. You can build a machine yourself.

Build a machine yourself? Well it is not as hard as it might seem at first. There are plans available that will enable anyone to build a concrete block making machine. The components are used automobile parts and some sheet metal. It is necessary to do some welding. If you are not skilled at this your local welding shop will do it for you. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a factory made machine you can,for a few hundred dollars,make a machine which will perform as well as any of them. Presto you are ready to turn out concrete blocks in high volume.You can now supply any building project,large or small,at a really competitive price.

The concrete block making business is almost a no brainer. The demand is strong everywhere. By taking the route I have discussed you can't fail. You can work at your job till you are ready to go full time when the demand for your product requires you to.

Has this got you interested in the business of making concrete blocks? If you would like more information about plans and instructions go to

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